What is proprium?

Proprium is a brand name which represents creativity as a characteristic unique to humans for which I offer services in areas of marketing and management specialized for creative and cultural industries.
Through Proprium, creativity is encouraged, developed and spread for achieving effectiveness throughout variety of processes and projects YOU want to achieve.

Who am I?

My name is Laura. If you need help with any of the processes or projects related to marketing and managent in creative and cultural industries, contact me.
In over 9 years of experience, I’ve built up and developed skills such as: data entry, financial planning, management consulting, project management, grant writing, market research, digital marketing and team management.
My everyday accessories are MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint), Google (Gmail, Google Drive & Docs), Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube), Wordpress, Trello and Airtable.
I aspire to develop myself personally and professionally, so I look forward to new challenges and cooperation’s.
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Which services are offered?

Services are designed through experience and application of theoretical knowledge within creative and cultural industries. Certain service can be completely adapted to an individual client or prepared for a group. Contact me for more information and we can make sure that your challenge will be solved with a tailor-made service just for you.

Why cooperate with me?

An approach which I offer is the same approach I would love to get by using these services. Throughout my previous experiences, I learned that no situation is the same and that we all need to be understood for a challenge to be resolved.
Client needs’ and requests come first and the service you will receive will strive to solve your problem in the most efficient and time saving way.
Based on what I’ve said about my abilities, I see myself as a great fit for your problems and questions, I would love to bring my acquired knowledge to your organisational or individual needs.

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It is send once per month and it will keep you informed on new trends and advices related to marketing and management in creative and cultural industries.



For more information or free 30-minute consultation, contact me through this form.
I am looking forward to find out what you need and how we can cooperate.

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